HI, I’M Taylor

I have always had a camera in my hands. At a young age my Dad and I bonded through photographing nature. By the time I got to my twenties I had lost touch with photography entirely. At this point I doubted my skills, along with many other things in my life. It wasn't until I went through my first heartbreak that I decided to pick up the camera again to distract myself... Although what Jesus had in store wasn't simply a distraction.

I remember the moment when my relationship with photography changed from a creative hobby into something more. I was on a camping trip to Yosemite, when my friend pulled me aside to tell me we were about to set up a surprise proposal and commemorate the occasion. I would be lying if I said I DIDN’T cry tears of joy. It was then that I knew what my purpose was. Seeing two souls love one another so passionately and capturing that core moment of their life together was where my heart was happiest. 

What sets me aside from other photographers is that I genuinely feel. I feel for you. I invest my time in YOU, because I care about your love story. I want to love, support, and serve you, even when others might not fully. Whether it be helping you plan your engagement session outfits, jamming with you while listening to your song under the joshua trees, or emotionally sharing your vows with one another... I. AM. RIGHT. THERE. I want you to live in the moment, enjoy the season, and leave the capturing of your love story to me

For the crazy in love

Not just a photographer, 

A little about me

Here's a look at the things that make me happiest & the reason why I do what I do –

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This is a chapter truly just for you. However you choose to celebrate, commemorate, and live that, is solely yours to decide. I'm here to give you the space to be fully present, so you can remember the feelings, emotions, and everything that comes with celebrating your love story.

Let's capture this together

I want you to live in the moment, enjoy the season, and leave the capturing of your love story to  me. 

This is what separates my style from the rest, I truly see your moment for what it is and I create an experience for you based off of that. It's not about what looks good or what is trendy – it's about capturing your love story exactly how you want to remember it, true to how it is in real life. The messy, unapologetic, soft moments in the quiet of a home you've built with your love. That's what I aim to capture.

LOVE. That passion and fire a soul has for another is something I see. It excites me and makes my heart feel totally full.

I am Taylor. I am 33 years old, based in Temecula Ca. I have been photographing couples for 5+ years and have shot over 100 weddings and elopements. I have traveled to the desert + beyond to capture beautiful moments between some incredible couples. 

A Little About Me

Well, I love my family. I have my amazing husband Alex, baby boy Fisher, and our chocolate lab Wiley. I love Disney... Like I am obsessed. I love tent camping and snow. My favorite National park to visit is Yosemite. I love coffee but caffeine gives me anxiety... sometimes I just push through the pain lol. My favorite shows are The Office and Yellowstone. Other than photographing couples, I love to photograph nature just for fun when exploring with my family. If I wasn't doing photography, I'd probably be a professional dog trainer because I love dogs so deep in my soul lolololol.

Here's a look at some of my favorite things:

Taylor delivered the rest of our pictures yesterday, they surpassed all my expectations. Thank you so much for capturing our special day. Not only did I find the sweetest wedding photographer on the planet, she is beyond talented, funny and extreemly professional.



Taylor was very kind, helpful, and welcoming! She made our experience feel very natural, easy-going, and so much fun! 10/10 would recommend Taylor to capture some of your own sweet moments. She truly made our first experience being photographed a great one!



Our families continued to rave about her well after the day was over! Everything she did was with the intent of making us have the best day possible, and getting photos that would capture the true essence of our wedding. And OMG the photos were stunning.



Taylor is one of the most patient, kind, fun loving person ever. Not only does she take the best photos, she also makes the experience so fun and enjoyable. She works at a great pace and gives all customers top notch service! I’m so blessed that you were there to capture all my best movements!




exactly how you want to remember it

I believe in telling
your story



here TO CAPTURE THE MEMORES that take you right back to that

My heart is for serving others, especially in this new chapter

to be a light in this world for his glory


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